Saving Water

Our great-grandparents managed on less than 4 gallons of water per day – we on the other hand, with our use of electrical appliances, car-washers, showers, baths and irrigation use 100-125 gallons per person per day.

It is therefore important not to waste water.  Using water efficiently helps our environment and also your bank balance!

  • It keeps your bills affordable – by saving water, you save money and your water bill will be less
  • Reduces Energy Consumed – in an average home, heating water accounts for 15% of the total household energy use and almost 30% of all indoor water is actually hot water used for showers, cleaning, washing and more.
  • Did you know that if you run hot water from a faucet for five minutes it equals the same amount of energy it takes to burn a light-bulb for 14 hours.
  • Environmental Benefits:  By reducing the amount of water, you will reduce the amount of waste water.
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