May 2020

Win $300 CASH PRIZE in our great video competition.


All entries must submit a video of their vegetable/fruit garden

  • Videos should not be longer than 3 minutes
  • Video should display entire garden along with growing fruits/vegetables
  • Videos should have been recorded within the month of May 2020
  • Video should be self-made
  • Garden must be in Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Information to provide on the video; Your name, why you enjoy gardening, and the items you are growing
  • Must be a legal resident of Turks and Caicos Islands

Videos should be uploaded to Provo Water Company inbox. Once approved video will be posted to PWC Facebook page for judging. If you fail to meet the criteria, your video will not be posted.


  • Voting: June 2, 2020 at 12pm – June 5, 2020 at 12 PM
  • Monday, June 08, 2020 Winner will be announced on PWC’s Website and Facebook Page
  • The video that receive the most LIKES wins. Only LIKES made directly to Provo Water Facebook Page will be counted. Likes on shared posts will not be counted.
  • In the event of a tie, the video with the most shares wins.

* The contest organizers may withdraw an entry from the competition that is not consistent with the rules of the competition.

September 2019

Sherry Bell-Parker, PWC’s Water Quality Manager, features highly in the inaugural issue of the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association’s first newsletter.  We are very proud of this wonderful member of staff.

June 2019

In commemoration of World Environment Day 2019, Provo Water Company purchased trees from TCI Department of Agriculture and embarked on a fruit tree planting exercise in schools across the country; aimed at raising the awareness of children in protecting their environment.

The plants were purchased from North Caicos via The Department of Agriculture and delivered to schools across Providenciales, that included Enid Capron, Ianthe Pratt, Richmond Hill Preparatory, Long Bay High School, The International School, Wesley Methodist High School and Clement Howell High School.

World Environment Day is promoted by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. Since it began in 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries. Above all, World Environment Day is the “people’s day” for doing something to take care of the Earth. That “something” can be local, national or global. It can be a solo action or involve a crowd. Everyone is free to choose.

World Environment Day 2019 is hosted by China, with a theme of “Air Pollution”. We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe.

Approximately 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 million of these deaths occurring in Asia-Pacific. World Environment Day 2019 will urge governments, industry, communities, and individuals to come together to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and improve air quality in cities and regions across the world.
• 92 per cent of people worldwide do not breathe clean air
• Air pollution costs the global economy $5 trillion every year in welfare costs
• Ground-level ozone pollution is expected to reduce staple crop yields by 26 per cent by 2030

May 2019

It’s been a very exciting time for Provo Water as we continue our annual work within the community to educate and celebrate the use of water. 2019 drinking water week was held under the theme “Protect The Source”.

We held demonstrations outside of IGA, and visited primary and secondary schools throughout Providenciales.

This year’s school competitions consisted of the senior poster and junior school colouring competitions – we had over 200 entries for the junior competition, the most we have ever had!

Entries were submitted on white or off-white background paper, and the students were allowed to use tempera paint, crayon, ink, charcoal, pastel, etc. to create the poster.

We would like to thank our judges from the Environmental Health Department and the Education Department for judging this year’s poster and coloring contest.

The prize giving was held Friday May 24th.

High School Poster Contest winner- Student was asked to illustrate this years DWW theme “Protect the Source”
1st place Hayden Williams – International School ( Apple Ipad mini4 32GB)
2nd Place Htenneb Williams – Wesley Methodist High School (Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
3rd place Quintiesha Forbes -Clement Howell High School (RCA Tablet)

Primary School Coloring contest
1st Taquan Herrera – Charles Hubert James Primary School ($100) and $1000.00 cash donation to the winning school
2nd Makarii Lightbourn – Provo Primary School ($75)
3rd Surie McIntosh – Richmond Hill Preparatory School ($50).

We took a whole bunch of photos which you can find by visiting our Facebook page.

March 2019

Clean water and sanitation is a human right, but not everyone is afforded that right. Rotary members around the world are providing communities with sustainable access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene management training.

Provo Water Company was invited by the Rotary Club of Providenciales to speak about water distribution and production.  PWC’s Customer Service Manager, Ms. Cora Malcolm, gave a presentation on hurricane recovery and new technology the company has invested in to provide a better service to our customers.

March 2019

Since 1993, March 22nd has been a global observance called “World Water Day”. It is a day to reflect on the importance of water in our daily lives as well as to remember those who lack adequate drinking water supplies. The theme for World Water Day 2019 is ‘Leaving no one behind’. Today, 2.1 billion people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive.

As part of this awareness, Provo Water Company visited Precious Treasures International School, where the children watched a video on conservation, played a question and answer globe toss game, and participated in hand printing which showed their commitment to saving water.


October 23 2017

At this year’s 26th Annual Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) conference, Turks and Caicos Islands placed 1st (Provo Water Company’s distributed water) in best tasting tap water and 1st runner-up in the rum tasting contest. During the annual CWWA; Water, Rum and Pepper Sauce tasting Competition. The rum and pepper sauce provided by the Wine Cellar.


May 22 2017

2017 DWW Logo Competition: 1st Place – Jean Gardy, Raymond Gardiner High School; 2nd Place – Jania Handfield, Wesley Methodist High School; 3rd Place – Trevante Smith, Raymond Gardiner High School


May 2017

2017 “Water Week” was a great success as Provo Water Company toured Providenciales Primary schools, showing the children how water gets from our plant to your home or school.


April 2017

Provo Water Company invites High School Students to participate in our logo design competition to help celebrate our 20th Year Anniversary.   We are looking for a brand-new logo to be used during our year long celebration and seeking a design which reflects our business, that is clean, appropriate and sophisticated. The logo must include Provo Water, and the dates 1997-2017, alongside our slogan “Water for Life”.


November 2016

Provo Water Company attended the 25th Silver Anniversary of the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) Conference in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The CWWA Conference and Exhibition presented an opportunity like no other to bring together, in one place and in one forum, high level speakers, policy makers, development partners, experts, practitioners, academia and the corporate sector to address the challenges facing the Caribbean.

The conference theme is Water and Waste Resources: Key Drivers of Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

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