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Moving Out of Your Old Home

When you move from one home to another your account number remains the same.

If you’re moving you will need to complete our “Moving Home Form.” Please download here or pick up a copy from our office on Grace Bay Road.

You will need the following information:

  • The date of your move
  • Old address details
  • New address details
  • A final meter reading (taken on the day you move out)
  • Customer account number

You must inform us if you move, otherwise we will continue to send bills to you and those charges will be payable.

Moving into a new home

Young Couple Moving In To New Home TogetherWhen you move into a new property – these tips may help you settle in.

  • Run your cold tap:  When you move in the cold water might not have been used for some time, and there might be a musty taste or smell to it.  All you need to do is run your kitchen tap for about 5 to ten minutes.  If the problem persists then please call Customer Service.
  • Accurate Reading:  Ensure we have your moving in date so we can have an accurate water meter reading taken.
  • Non-Return Valves:  Make sure you fit a non-return valve on your dishwasher and washing machine connection hoses to minimize any chemical tastes and smells.
  • Plumbing Overhaul:  When you move the last thing you want is a plumbing problem.  This is a good time to ensure your plumbing is up to date to avoid any potential future problems.
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